[clug] Linux for teenagers

richard reynolds richard.reynolds at usa.net
Sun Jun 5 14:47:39 GMT 2005

> What I want to do is to install Linux on my daughter's laptop, and have it
> access the internet via our ADSL/Ethernet connection

as far as which linux there almost all good :D the only part i put some
worry into is the laptop part, i recomend you make notes of hardware and
search to make sure you are going to get full linux support, support for
some laptop things including battery, fan and wireless nic's is iffy at
best. you might try searching for people with that laptop who have installed
linux to see what problems they have had and what fixes they have been able
to use.

not to pull you away from linux, but to get you prepared for the switch.

richard reynolds
richard.reynolds at usa.net

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