[clug] Linux for teenagers

Peter Anderson pjafrombbay at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jun 5 14:20:29 GMT 2005


I would like to echo the advice of Michael Carden.  I am relatively new to Linux and have tried a
few distributions over the last couple of years looking for a viable Windows replacement.  Ubuntu
and Kubuntu are the best I have seen so far.  Xandros is the next best (especially if you need
dial-up via a winmodem).

I have very little Linux technical skills (yet) and was just amazed at how easy Ubuntu (most
Linuxes) connect to the Internet via ADSL, much easier than Windows.

As I said above, I have tried both Ubuntu and Kubuntu but like Ubuntu better.  Ubuntu uses the
Gnome windows manager while Kubuntu uses KDE.  You will find there is (in some places) a religious
war between Gnome and KDE supporters (I lean towards the KDE side) but the integration is much
better in Ubuntu, things just seem even more polished.

The Synaptic package manager is much better in Ubuntu (this is the way you add additional software
of take stuff off).

I hope you and your daughter enjoy your Linux experience.  There are some very helpful people on
this list.


Peter Anderson

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