[clug] Linux for teenagers

Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Sun Jun 5 13:02:48 GMT 2005

Dear Phil,
I am (turning) 16 myself and I have been using Linux for the past (almost) 3 
years. Although I very much agree Ubuntu is a very nice idea as a Linux 
distro, I would recommend a distro that uses the KDE desktop environment 
(much similar to the general layout of Windows). This should help her grasp 
things quickly.
The ones I recommend are:
- Suse
- Kubuntu
- Debian
My experience with each of these is pretty good, but also check out any others 
you have in mind (including Ubuntu).

I might jot down some important and commonly used applications she may like to 
There are many chat programs available, most which are multi-protocol 
(allowing usage of for example ICQ and MSN in the same program). This should 
make things easier, so she would not have to run 2 or more individual 
Some are:
- Gaim
- Kopete

OpenOffice.org is a good choice. Also consider:
- Abiword
- Kword

For email:
- Evolution
- Kmail
* I would highly recommend the use of "Kontact" which combines a to-do list, 
contacts, email, calendar, notes, rss feed aggregator and a journal all into 
one cohesive program. Kontact includes Kmail.

For music players:
- juK [highly recommend this!]
- amarok
- xmms

Web browsing:
- Firefox
- Konqueror
- Mozilla
- Epiphany

That should pretty much be the basics. If you like you can contact me 
personally for more info, but I am sure the mailing list could help you out 
with most of it.
If you would like to see screenshots, to get an idea on how things look like, 
just use Google images and type in the application name. :)

Good luck,

Pascal Klein

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> Hi
> We are just starting out on the Linux path
> What I want to do is to install Linux on my daughter's laptop, and have it
> access the internet via our ADSL/Ethernet connection
She is happy to use Open Office, and has found a Linux version of MSN, which
> is of course essential for a 16 year old
> I am assuming that Linux and Windows can both use the same Ethernet network
> Does anyone else have this sort of need?
> If so, I'd like to contact you, and learn from your experience as to what to
> do and how to do it
> Any assistance much appreciated
> Please feel free to pass this email on to others
> Thanks
> Phil

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