[clug] Rev Drives Anyone?

Tom.Minchin at csiro.au Tom.Minchin at csiro.au
Thu Jul 28 00:04:02 GMT 2005

I got one of those LinkSys NSLU2's with two USB2 hard disks = instant
Network Attached Storage. For $450, I have 80gig of storage which backs
itself up once a night.

The Linksys runs Linux - and can be modified (you can also overclock it
with a pocket knife).

The drives run an ext3 filesystem so if the NSLU2 fails, you can plug
them into your Linux system directly (or into a Windows system with


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As another option, try purchasing a caddy and HDD for half the price. If
price is an issue.


Andrew wrote:

>Hi All,
>I am thinking about purchasing an Iomega "Rev" internal IDE drive 
>(35GB), I am using Debian with a 2.4.31 kernel (will move to 2.6
>Has anyone used these drives? Any downsides? ($500 is cheap compared 
>with the tape alternative, but I want to make sure it will work first
:) ).
>Any advice greatly appreciated.
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