[clug] Debian cds and the next LUG meeting.

Ambrose Andrews ambrosea at neurofractal.org
Wed Jul 27 14:02:15 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 08:53 +1000, Drew Parsons wrote:

> You'll probably find you only need 1-2 CDs to get Debian running
> decently. The packages are sorted by popularity so you only need CDs
> 11,12,13 if you feel you really can't manage without xringd, protoize or
> idn.
> I haven't checked personally just how far you can get without the whole
> set, but that's the general idea.  You could do a base install from only
> a couple of CDs, then add any other specific packages of interest from
> the net.
> Drew
Yeah.  The organisation of what packages end up on what CD is determined
by the popularity contest.

If I recall correctly, for what it's worth, when I did a fresh woody
install, I never needed anything other than 1,2,3 and a tiny bit of 4.

Even If you're on dialup, I suspect sarge via CDs 1 to 4 would be
sufficient, with the rest done from the net.

The exceptions to this are liekly to be things related to languages
other than english which is an important cluster.


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