[clug] Hoary old chestnut: Use of 'dump'

Stephen Jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Jul 25 05:19:43 GMT 2005

I was talking to a mate about backups & when he said he used 'dump', I
trotted out the "it's got a design flaw" line.

The real question was: How do I dump & restore with files on a remote
     a) Use host:file or user at host:file syntax
 AND b) set env. variable RSH to 'ssh' :-)

Afterwards, I poked around a little on the Net and found:

The authors of dump/restore say that backing up *any* live filesystem is
fraught - not just 'dump' gets it wrong... 
And that Linus' post in May 2001 was about a specific bug in the 2.4
kernel (since fixed).

My question to the group:
   Are the 'dump' authors still correct for ext2?
   What about other popular filesystems, like reiserfs??


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