[clug] Bizarre File Copying Problem.

Joel Plane joel.plane at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 14:59:43 GMT 2005

'From' computer:
Nautilus says 56GB
du says 73GB (very little variation between actual size and on-disk size)

'To' computer: (which stopped because it ran out space)
Konqueror says 72.0GB
du says 72GB

Perhaps Nautilus is a liar. Well problem solved, I just need to free up 
a few GB on 'To' computer it seems. I'm not too sure why nautilus would 
lie to me tho. I noticed it calculated the size pretty quickly. Perhaps 
it figured it would be the same size as it was 6 months ago. Either way, 
an interesting result.


Michael Cohen wrote:

>  Note that if you use du to tell how much space is used up by a
>  directory it shows the amount of space actually allocated on the disk,
>  not the total of all file sizes. The smallest amount of space
>  allocated on the disk is the filesystem block size. Try:
>  echo hi > hello
>  du -h hello
>  On my system this is 4K. If there are a lot of small files this can
>  represent a large overhead and depending on the target fs blocksize du
>  will show a discrepency between source and dest. Note that you can do
>  this to see the total of the file sizes which should be the same on
>  both source and dest:
>  du --apparent-size directory
>  Michael.
>On Thu, Jul 21, 2005 at 10:51:59PM +1000, Joel Plane wrote:
>>I am copying a 56GB directory of junk from one computer to another by 
>>means of an NFS mount point. When it all gets there, it magically 16GB 
>>bigger than the original directory - it may have turned out bigger had I 
>>not run out of disk space.
>>Any ideas?
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