[clug] Spammers on CLUG

Tim Potter tpot at samba.org
Thu Jul 14 01:56:08 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-07-14 at 11:52 +1000, Steven Hanley wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 11:41:23AM +1000, Steve Walsh wrote:
> > It's probably being caused by a smart spider finding
> > http://lists.samba.org/archive/linux/ and harvesting the addresses shown on
> > each post.
> > 
> > Then again, I could be wrong, and Mr Pollock decided to sell all our
> > addresses to cover the rapidly mounting wedding bills.
> The list is currently run by Tim Potter (and otherS) as it is hosted on
> samba.org
> Tim is in town (AFAIK) and in the past when a few more spam have started
> filtering through to the list he has simply tightened the spam filters a bit
> and all was fine once more.

I've upgraded spamassassin which usually does the trick, at least for a
couple of months.

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