[clug] home RAID question

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at eyal.emu.id.au
Wed Jul 6 12:07:38 GMT 2005

Michael Cohen wrote:
> Hi Eyal,
>   Dont make the mistake that many other people have - A raid is not a
>   backup solution. In my experience disks on the same physical machine
>   tend to die at the same time. Usually disks die as a result of a
>   sudden spike, or the bearings seize after the machine has been shut
>   down if it has been on for a long time. Raid will not save you in that
>   case, and if the data is worth it - its worth a decent backup
>   solution. Buy a Lacie drive or a usb drive so you can unplug it and
>   store it off site.

I expect the RAID to be 1TB or over - an external USB drive is not
yet available at this size. I could have a second RAID for backup
but I can accept a total loss. It is just video, in a few months
I can have just as much again :-) My problem is that I get less
time to watch than I record in a week. I record for when I have
to stay in bed with the flu but I just don't get any (flu...).

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