[clug] LCA 2005 help needed

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Thu Jan 6 21:06:58 GMT 2005

Michael Carden wrote:
> On Thu, 6 Jan 2005 08:24 pm, Michael Still wrote:
>>Hey guys,
>>we really want to be able to provide a list of free / cheap wifi
>>hotspots for linux.conf.au 2005 
> Is there an argument to suggest that now is the time to set some up? Why not 
> look at where delegates may want a wireless connection and work back from 
> there?

Certainly, but none of the LCA team have the time. We could probably 
even arrange some form of hardware sponsorship if someone was to 
volunteer to make this happen...

> For example... I doubt that any conference delegate cares that I might offer 
> them access in Waramanga (after a DNA test, Top Secret PV security clearance 
> and a bribe) to a shared 256k link...
> Do we know where people will be staying and can we assist to get wireless 
> going there?

All the accomodation supplied by LCA will have wireless at it (I 
believe, negotiations still in progress at some venues). We are 
"recommending" some accomodation in the city which wont. I was more 
thinking coffee shops, bars, gutters for this request.



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