[clug] OT: Wireless linux xbox

Fergus McKenzie-Kay fergus.mckenzie-kay at nicta.com.au
Tue Feb 8 11:15:33 GMT 2005

Hey Guys,
slightly off-topic:
I have recently got my xbox modded in order to install linux and xbmc.
My house has a wireless lan thanks to a wrt54g (at this stage unmodded)
The xbox has an ethernet port and currently I am running a big long ugly
blue cable through the house to the lounge room so that I can connect to
the xbox and do my stuff.
My current project is to get the xbox up and running on wireless (blue
cables apparently aren't counted as interior decorating)
I have found a few ethernet wifi bridges eg Linksys wga54g or wet54g
these are around $140-$200 respectively.  I can get myself another
wrt54g for around $120, or an even cheaper AP.
I am thinking that I could somehow daisy chain another wrt54g in my
lounge room and plug the xbox into the back of this.
Does anyone know if this is possible?
When I say daisy chain I mean have wrt54g talking to wrt54g in office
over wireless and share this wireless connection to xbox.
It seems like a sensible thing to do.. and cheaper than buying a single
If it is relatively easy, or requires me to stick a new linux firmware
on the wrt54g I am keen.. if it is going to be too difficult or take me
longer than a few days.. then it is probably easier to spend the extra

What do you think?


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