[clug] Will pay money to get mythtv box working

dave davico at tpg.com.au
Sun Feb 6 07:25:19 GMT 2005

On Sun, 2005-02-06 at 17:07 +1100, Simon Haddon wrote:

> You have the same tuner I have.  I have tried with all sorts of trouble to
> getting it working.  Read the avermedia.txt file for some hints.  Now I
> would like to tell you more but I have trashed the installation and am now
> trying with FC3 and kernel 2.6.11 as the drivers are built into the kernel
> now.  I do remember that I managed to get the card recognised under mythtv
> but the biggest problem I found was getting xmltv with tv_grab_au working.
>  It looks like grabbing TV guides in Australia is one of the hardest
> things to do as they are no published freely (or so I understand).  Also
> the guides for HDTV are limited which makes it even worse and the it looks
> like the tv_grab_au is designed around the analogue channels from
> d1.com.au.

There's a new tv_grab_au used by myself and other aussies on the
mythtv-users list. It uses ninemsn rather than d1. It is highly reliable
and very complete as the ninemsn website just syndicates data from
www.hww.com.au (as does yahoo, tvweek, seven, transact, pretty much
everyone). The latest script is not hosted anywhere AFAIK, just posted
to the list, let me know if you want it and I will email off list.

As for HDTV, there is no HDTV content in Canberra other than a 20min
test loop on WIN and up-scaled SD content on ABC and SBS.

> If you like maybe we can help each other to get it working.  At this stage
> I have 2 cards in my machine.  1 is the Avermedia DVB card and the other
> is a WinFast A180 combo card for analogue.  This was I can get both HD and
> standard or so I hope.
> I have just finished building the kernel 2.6.11.rc3 and I will have to
> start  installing everything else now.  So many dependencies for mythtv. 
> Ouch

If you have any mythtv questions, I'm happy to help as I regularly build
mythtv from CVS. I am using debian though, so installing dependencies is
a breeze :)

FYI: A new stable mythtv release is just days away (0.17), which will be
a HUGE improvement over 0.16 (released last september) especially for
DVB. (or you can just use CVS!)

I'm in the polishing stage of my mythtv box. I now have suspend/resume
working with bootsplash. sub 10sec graphical bootup from remote :)
Automatic startup -> record -> shutdown for scheduled recordings etc.
There's plenty of things to keep you tinkering even after you get
live-tv working :)


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