[clug] Will pay money to get mythtv box working

Simon Haddon simon at sibern.com.au
Sun Feb 6 06:07:56 GMT 2005

> Hi there!
> The system is described at http://www.mabula.net/mythtv.html, including
> listings of dmesg, lsmod and lspci, the most recent /var/log/messages and
> current modprobe.conf settings.  The cards in question are both using the
> bttv driver; one's a AVerMedia DVB-T, the other's a LeadTek WinFast 2000
> Expert (with FM radio).
You have the same tuner I have.  I have tried with all sorts of trouble to
getting it working.  Read the avermedia.txt file for some hints.  Now I
would like to tell you more but I have trashed the installation and am now
trying with FC3 and kernel 2.6.11 as the drivers are built into the kernel
now.  I do remember that I managed to get the card recognised under mythtv
but the biggest problem I found was getting xmltv with tv_grab_au working.
 It looks like grabbing TV guides in Australia is one of the hardest
things to do as they are no published freely (or so I understand).  Also
the guides for HDTV are limited which makes it even worse and the it looks
like the tv_grab_au is designed around the analogue channels from

If you like maybe we can help each other to get it working.  At this stage
I have 2 cards in my machine.  1 is the Avermedia DVB card and the other
is a WinFast A180 combo card for analogue.  This was I can get both HD and
standard or so I hope.

I have just finished building the kernel 2.6.11.rc3 and I will have to
start  installing everything else now.  So many dependencies for mythtv. 

I have to get there mind you as I have bought a machine just for that


> Basically, tvtime and mythtv don't recognise any TV input from either
> card.  They recognise the composite and S-Video inputs, but tvtime gives
> me
> a message saying "videoinput: Can't get tuner info: invalid
> argument."  mythtvsetup just says it can't get any info from either card
> (and certainly doesn't recognise the DVB card).  I can't see any errors or
> other information that might give me a clue what I'm doing wrong.  My
> assumption is that I need to feed specific settings to the bttv driver to
> get it to recognise each card individually (and I've done this in
> modprobe.conf and modprobe.d/bttv) but these settings haven't worked and I
> don't seem to be able to find out what I've done wrong.  I'm only guessing
> as to whether the settings I've put in (derived from dmesg and web pages)
> are actually correct or not.
> I've searched through the internet almost exhaustively; I've read the
> archives of various groups and read comprehensive howtos that never quite
> tell me the information I need or deal with having two bttv tuner
> cards.  I'm now at the stage of begging for help.  I'm quite happy to work
> with free advice, but have heard that money is an incentive to some
> people...
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul
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