[clug] Help wanted with testing whether my ADSL modem is DOA.

Nigel Cunningham ncunningham at linuxmail.org
Thu Feb 3 03:04:17 GMT 2005

Hi all.

I've just received my replacement for the Dlink DSL604T (assuming I
still remember the id right) that was making a big squeal when
connected. This time I have a Netgear DG834G. I can't get it to connect
to Velocity, though, and having spent a couple of hours talking to
Velocity and Netgear, I'm down to seeing if someone can help me.

What I want to do is plug my modem into a line that's known good, and
perhaps (if it's not too much pain) plug a known good modem into my
questionable line. That way I should be able to say Telstra have messed
me up or the modem is dead on arrival.

For those who want more info:

Router Status
Account Name		
Firmware Version 	V2.10.09 (New version only made available today;
previous was 1.05).
ADSL Port 	
MAC Address 	00:0f:b5:53:da:ad	
IP Address 	---	
IP Subnet Mask 	---	
Gateway IP Address	---	
Domain Name Server 	---	
LAN Port	
MAC Address 	00:0f:b5:53:da:ac	
IP Address	
IP Subnet Mask	
ADSL Firmware Version	
Modem Status	Connected	
DownStream Connection Speed	1536 kbps	
UpStream Connection Speed	64 kbps	
VPI	8	
VCI	35	

System Up Time 00:46:48	
Port	Status	TxPkts	RxPkts	Collisions	Tx B/s	Rx B/s	Up Time	
WAN	PPPoE	0	0	0	0	0	00:00:00	
LAN	100M/Full	660	630	0	65	25	00:46:44	
WLAN	11M/54M	6855	7363	0	650	257	00:46:32	

ADSL Link	Downstream	Upstream	
Connection Speed	1536 kbps	64 kbps	
Line Attenuation	49 db	15.5 db	
Noise Margin	11 db	6 db

Connection Status 
Connection Time	00:00:00	
Connecting to Server	Disconnect	
Negotiation	Initialize LCP.	
Authentication	---	
Getting IP Addresses	---	
Getting Network Mask	---

I've seen plenty of messages about modems getting stuck at 'Initialize
LCP' on the Netgear forums, but the answer isn't clear.



Nigel Cunningham
Software Engineer, Canberra, Australia

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