[clug] Sun Regional Delegate Program for linux.conf.au 2005

LCA 2005 Sun Regional Delegate Program rdp at lca2005.linux.org.au
Wed Feb 2 09:27:32 GMT 2005

Hello all.

As with previous LCAs, Sun Microsystems has kindly offered to sponsor
the Regional Delegates Program (RDP) for LCA 2005. For the LCA 2005 RDP,
there will be ten winners: one from each of the Australian states and
territories; a national winner; and a winner representing New Zealand.

Each of these winners will recieve:
  - transport to LCA 2005
  - accomodation
  - professional registration at the conference (including all the
normal things which come with that)
  - special recognition as a RDP winner

Additionally, LCA provides an important mechanism for developers to
network with each other, and the RDP winners will have excellent
opportunities to further their open source projects.

This is the first year that New Zealand has been included in the
competition, which has prompted some changes in how the RDP is being run
this year. The timetable for the RDP is as follows:

  - entrants should draft a 100 word or less description of how the open
source community would benefit from their presence at LCA 2005

  - these should be emailed to rdp at lca2005.linux.org.au, including an
indication of where the entrant lives by midnight, Friday the 18th of
February 2005 [1].

  - the winners will be announced by the end of February and travel
will be arranged.

  - RDP winners attend the conference and have a great time

If a winner has already registered for the conference, then a refund of
that registration will be provided.

We look forward to many interesting entries,
The LCA 2005 team

1: The information about where you live will be used solely for judging
the competition, and will then be destroyed.

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