[clug] machine hosting service wanted

david david at qednet.biz
Wed Feb 2 09:13:19 GMT 2005

Hi all

In the near future I expect to be moving and one of the consequences 
will be the loss of my overpriced and underperforming ADSL Telstra 
Direct service. This also means that my servers will need a new home. As 
things currently stand I would like to retain at least 3 machines (ie 3 
IP addresses).

I am inquiring via this list if there are any local ISP's who can 
provide physical hosting and what sort of deal can be arranged. Money 
might be one consideration, another could be some free labour.

My bandwidth requirements are fairly minimal, the machines are currently 
rack housed and physical access would only be required on rare occasions.

Any offers please contact me off list.



David Howe

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