[clug] Will pay money to get mythtv box working

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at eyal.emu.id.au
Tue Feb 1 12:34:32 GMT 2005

Paul Wayper wrote:
> AVerMedia DVB-T

Which one? The original (761) or the new one (771)? The
new one has a better tuner with improved sensitivity.

I have a machine with one of each. The old one uses the
Spase SP887x, which needs the module sp887x which needs
the firmware in /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/dvb-fe-sp887x.fw

The new one (-771) uses the Zarlink MT352 frontend, module

You need a very uptodate kernel to get support for these cards,
I know 2.6.10 has it, but probably not 2.6.9. -mm series had
support during the 2.6.9 days.

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