[clug] [UNCLASSIFIED] Oh yeah, I remember FTP...

Mark Triggs mst at dishevelled.net
Wed Dec 14 04:06:39 GMT 2005

Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au writes:

> Hi all,
> So how do people manage content on a website when they *don't* have
> access to ssh or rsync?
> I have FTP, but that would seem to entail the gratuitous writing of shell scripts
> and less fault tolerance than I have become accustomed to.
> Perl's Net::FTP seems to be the most promising solution.

I've found sitecopy (http://www.lyra.org/sitecopy/) to be pretty good at
this.  You basically give it a local and remote directory and it
replicates your local changes remotely.



Mark Triggs
<mst at dishevelled.net>

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