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Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Tue Dec 13 11:59:54 GMT 2005

I can provide both a projector and a bridge, tho I might put some basic WEP
encryption on it to stop the leeching of Paul's DSL from various and sundry.

I'll be there and I expect to see those who can make it. As for not
attending LCA, I'm wearing my other hat and being the Technical Manager for
the 2006 Multi-Cultural Festival. Hope to see you all at as many events as


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Michael Carden wrote:
>>Paul Wayper
>>has volunteered his abode for the purpose this year,
> So.. where is that then?

30 Henry St, Cook.  Please RSVP to paulway at mabula.net or 02 6251 5257 if
you're coming so I can get an idea of numbers.

This being my first CLUG christmas party, I'm not sure how they usually
  We'll have a barbecue by then, but it's going to be self-catering as we're
(unsurprisingly) not rich enough to afford to feed everyone.  So: BYO meat,
salad, bread, drinks.  Preferably bring your own picnic gear and chairs, as
have a limited supply.  We'll supply the deck, barbecue, fridge, sink, water
and internet connection (wired, though - Steve, can you bring a wireless
bridge if you think it's worth it?).

Pascal's talk will be very much appreciated - there's no data projector
though... (I don't know, call myself a geek, what do I think I am?)

> Anyway, I reckon CLUG should celebrate 2005. For that matter, what are the
> CLUG top events for 2005? I'll nominate Hoary Hedgehog and Breezy Badger
> get the ball rolling...
> 1. Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog
> 2. Ubuntu Breezy Badger

I would strongly suggest LCA 2005 here.  It was organised locally, was a
time, had some classic moments (Tridge's explanation of how to be an uber
haxor and crack BitKeeper servers was priceless) and was (I felt) a great
credit to all the CLUGgers who did the months of hard work to organise it
make it work.

Have fun,

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