[clug] Re: 6. bike sig report (Steven Hanley)

Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Fri Dec 2 06:49:18 GMT 2005

Every 2 months. Seems like a fair wait. What about once a month, and those who 
want to do it every two months can skip one if they wish? ;-)

I just can't wait till February I guess. :)

Pascal Klein

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> All
> Oh yeah I should email this report out.
> We did go ahead and have a rather enjoyable bike sig last weekend.
> The people who rocked up were
> Paul Wayper
> Nathan Rickerby
> Daniel Black
> Cameron Patrick
> Steven Hanley
> Myself and Nathan rather unfairly on fast road bikes (oh and Nathan can
> ride faster than I can even on a bad day for him) but we were all there to
> talk geek while cruising around on the bikes.
> We rode up to Belconnen via the AIS bike path, however as we neared
> Belconnen the rain got a bit heavier, so we retiured to the Organic Cafe at
> the markets for a while until the rain left.
> The geek discussions (develoopment methodologies, problems with c++ as a
> language for many things, Paul's work with problem solving with for BOZO
> and the code to do this. And a bunch of other stuff, such as more MythTV
> discussions and the like) happened throughout the ride and during the
> interlude.
> I was impressed with the rather good products avialable for sale in the
> organic cafe/shop also.
> Anyway once the rain subsided we hopped back on the bikes and rode down to
> the lake, then back to the ANU.
> A most enjoyable afternoon out.
> On the one bike sig every two months basis the next one would fall around
> January Sunday 29th, however many of us (myself included) will be in New
> Zealand for lca2006 at the time, so I suggest we wait until February, next
> bike sig on Sunday February 19th I reckon.
> This time I suggest anyone keen on coming along make a note of it <g>
> 	See You
> 	    Steve

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