[clug] web server not serving pages to the internet (resolved - sort of)

Boris Rousak linworld21 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 16 02:02:18 GMT 2005


The mail and web server are in fact 1 box, but thanx
for the suggestion all the same.

The problem turned out to be as follows. DynDNS has a
protocol where by any user who "updates" their details
too often gets booted off the server. While I use to
use ddclient i had no probs, but the stupid netgear
box, does not conform to the standard and updates way
too often (traffic snoop suggests at least once a week
plus after any firmware update). So after dyndns
booted me, its no wonder the web part of it woudn't
work. I suspect the reason mail kept going is because
I only get email from the same set of domains (mostly)
- so they must have cached my address (can people
confirm similar behaviour). To boot, the
port-forwarding on the device forwarded port 80 TCP
packets randomly - as in i could watch myself send
first SYN and get reply  but then nothing gets through
- not sure if this is a failure on the part of the
firmware, but the problem did fix itself after an

So the final note seems to be that basic netgear OS or
whatever is useless. I suppose I'll try and install
Linux onto it and stick to IP tables :)


--- Alex Satrapa <grail at goldweb.com.au> wrote:

> On 12 Aug 2005, at 15:20, Boris Rousak wrote:
> > One last thing, when i check the apache access.log
> > file I see foreign addresses trying to execute
> attacks
> > against me (mostly for IIS so they obviously can't
> > tell what I am) - but this leads me to think that
> port
> > forwarding is working fine and something else is
> at
> > hand.
> If your email and web services are on different
> machines, you  
> probably need to update the web server with a
> default route.
> Check the output of "route" or "netstat -r" (or even
> "ip route list")  
> on both machines. Check that the default route goes
> to the same place.
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