[clug] web server not serving pages to the internet

Boris Rousak linworld21 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 12 05:20:16 GMT 2005

Afternoon to all,

I am having a rather odd problem here. I run a
web/mail server from home, protected by iptables
(Alex's talk the other month about firehol was highly
appreciated :) ). Last week I put a netgear wgt624
firewall/router thing in between it and the internet,
and now I can't get to the webserver. 

I have set up port forwarding exactly the same (accept
for the port numbers obviously) for web and email, yet
I can recieve email from outside, but can't access the

Apache doesn't seem to be bound to any particular
interface, and I have tried resetting the iptables to
blank (allow anything anywhere), but to no avail.

So, could anyone suggest clues, but more importantly
could anyone suggest how could I test what the rest of
the world sees, from home - because at the moment I
keep having to ask external people and my MSN list of
friends is getting shorter with each attempt :).

One last thing, when i check the apache access.log
file I see foreign addresses trying to execute attacks
against me (mostly for IIS so they obviously can't
tell what I am) - but this leads me to think that port
forwarding is working fine and something else is at


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