[clug] IBM announcement

Francis Whittle fudje at phreaker.net
Mon Apr 25 04:14:53 GMT 2005

Load up a Power5 box.... Let's see....
You could probably run all of DCS using X terminals off the 4-way, and
still have pretty good performance, although they stopped doing the X
terminal thing in favour of crappy Intel (And I mean *crappy*, as in,
Celery.) desktop machines.  Of course, students like Peter (I'll leave
people who know him to realise who I'm talking about.) would still
complain about using a superior OS to Windows XP.

IIRC, IBM uses less than 10 processors to do all of the processing on
HIC.  Although that is using zSeries and the requisite OS which I have
to say does in fact have far better I/O scheduling than Linux, on top of
other things (such as the zSeries having somewhat more channel bandwidth
than the pSeries, which I assume is what's being loaned).

On Sun, 2005-04-24 at 08:54 +1000, Michael Still wrote:
> Right. How loaded do I have to make the machine to get the 16 way?
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