[clug] broadband usage on static IP

Evan Cox ejcox at optusnet.com.au
Mon Apr 11 02:58:36 GMT 2005

Hi Bill,

 First time I have tried reply to any type of mailing list, so please forgive 
if I do something silly.

I am with optus, and uploads are not included in my usage.  From what i 
gather, I should be able to open a bittorrent session, and leave it open for 
as long as I want. Although I have not tried this yet, I do know that I am 
not charged for the uploads - only downloads. Also I am DHCP not static.



On Mon, 11 Apr 2005 12:43 pm, Bill Clarke wrote:
> hi all,
> i'm wondering what the standard measure for "usage" is with a broadband
> connection with a static IP.  is it usual to charge for data even if the
> account is not logged on?
> my scenario is this: i'm a cheapskate, so i pay for the smallest
> non-shaped transact plan that suits me ($19/month, 600MB peak, 5000MB
> off-peak at velocity).  towards the end of the month i'm nearing my peak
> d/l limit, so i ensure that when i'm bit-torrenting i (automatically)
> connect after midnight and disconnect before 7am (off peak times).
> however, there are a large number of connection attempts from other
> bit-torrent users once i've disconnected.  these get counted by velocity
> as data to me and charged to my account (this may not sound like much,
> but it adds up).
> do other ISPs have this policy?
> [from velocity support:
> """
> This user was not logged on when the usage was recorded, however the
> charges and
> data that were recorded are still considered legitimate.
> Since users have a static IP (and no other user would be using the same
> IP), all
> data sent to that IP, regardless if the user is online or not, is
> considered to
> be only for that user, hence the owner of that IP address is charged for
> the data.
> This particular usage (on April 6) is because they have been using a file
> sharing program called bit-torrent which broadcasts their IP address
> over the
> Internet as a place to download a specific file. Even though they were
> disconnected, other users on the Internet still had their IP address
> listed as a
> place to download the file from, which resulted in a lot of connection
> attempts
> even after they were disconnected.
> This is a fairly common problem with file sharing programs.
> """
> ]
> cheers,
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