[clug] broadband usage on static IP

richard reynolds richard.reynolds at usa.net
Mon Apr 11 03:43:53 GMT 2005

> i'm wondering what the standard measure for "usage" is with a broadband
> connection with a static IP.  is it usual to charge for data even if the
> account is not logged on?

around here(so california USA) it all depends, somewhat on how far away you
are from the next ISP(most are not all that far), for things like
filesharing where YOU were part, yep expect to pay, however for other things
where you had no part in getting your info(ip) out there expect to have to
call, complain, and wait for them to either deny request, cancel the
overcharge, refund overcharge or credit account. all will depend on how nice
you are when you call, and how little you complain about there ways! also
having a set time frame works nice because you know it, and they can see it
in the logs.

richard reynolds
richard.reynolds at usa.net

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