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Nerdvana - Stephen Walsh s.walsh at nerdvana.com.au
Tue Sep 7 02:09:39 GMT 2004

Hi folks;

I have a copy of the linux care rescue disk here, as well as the downloaded
ISO file I create it from. Now, like most linux people, I often find myself
in the machine room battling head crashes and other sundry failures at the
most inconvenient time, and away from my desk, where the linuxcare CD is
located. Again, like most linux people I have a plethora of geeky toys on
me, one of them being a 64Mb Thumb Drive.

Does anyone know how to port the contents of the ISO file to the Thumbdrive
such that I can get a 64Mb bootable thumbdrive with the contents linux care
CD on it? All my servers support USB flashdrives as a boot option (something
I used to curse until I realised that this might allow me a way out of a
drive crash). A straight mount and copy of the ISO file has so far failed to
yield a bootable device.

Anyone care to throw some ideas into the pot?


Stephen Walsh
Nerdvana Systems Pty Ltd
Ph:02 626 22 555

<snipped out legalise to prevent a flame war after the last one>

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