[clug] Spreading the joy!

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Wed Oct 27 08:49:35 GMT 2004

>So... has anybody done the maths in their hosting environment, mobile
>phone connected to serial port vs standard phone line + modem? I've only
>really done 1/2 that equation; $300ish for mobile phone, $5/month plan.

We have, and to that end the 4 servers we deal with interstate for clients,
half of which are in a hosting environment (and thus have serial cables
linking them) all have Nokia 5100's (all of which we got for free just by
asking at Crazy John's style Mobile phone kiosks), the relevant cable (about
$10 from ebay) and a copy of gnokii that gets queried from a cron job. We
have it checking every 10 minutes, which gives the admin time to walk down
the road, get a coffee, come back and think about what he did.

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