[clug] nr-file question

Andrew andrew at donehue.net
Sat Oct 23 14:33:24 GMT 2004

Hi All,

The kernel documents say that the first value of file-nr (from sysctl 
-a) is dynamically set by the kernel (up to a maxium of the third 
value).  Am I correct to assume that if the second value goes close to 
the first, then the first will raise automatically without giving 
errors? Or is there some intervention required on my part?  I am trying 
to work out why a system I am looking after sometimes gives "Too many 
files open" errors in php -  There seems to be a huge capacity here?

fs.file-nr = 2264       425     104032

Any thoughts?

(2.4 kernel on Debian/Woody x86 arch)


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