[clug] Richard Stallmans presentation

Darren Freeman daz111 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au
Thu Oct 14 01:14:54 GMT 2004

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 19:17, freegazer wrote: 
> It was standing room only, glad i got there early.

you mean sitting room?

I loved his reply to the woman with the mobile - "could you please turn
your personal tracking devices off, they've probably already tracked you
here and don't need to remain on" :)

I was a little disappointed with how fast they shut the doors at the end
- the invite said there would be time for discussion but after my chat
with Tridge outside I found the doors locked and nobody left!

I wanted free stickers and a signed copy of his book and I was robbed by
the establishment, dammit!

Have fun,

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