[clug] Richard Stallmans presentation

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Wed Oct 13 23:50:31 GMT 2004

freegazer wrote:
> Just writing in to quickly to say that Richard Stallmans evening
> presentation on the Free Software Movement was great,
> Many of the issues that I think most Australians are ignoring were raised.
> Thanks for notifying us all it was on. 
> It was standing room only, glad i got there early.
> Thanks CLUG, ASC & ANU it was great

I found him a little less obnoxious this time - more refined than when he
was at ADFA a number of years ago. Other than that, the message was much the
same. Good to have a refresher. I hope it was challenging to some of the I.T.
managers there.

I don't know how many CLUG'ers were at the Novell seminar on Monday. A
completely different sort of event (aimed at the big end of town). Novell,
for those who don't know, bought out SuSE and Ximian and are now going full
steam at promoting Linux (should that be GNU/Linux?) for corporates and
government. They had some of their Linux partners there with them - HP, IBM
and Oracle. A "memorable" line: Oracles presentation asked the question -
"When will Linux be ready for the Enterprise?". Oracles answer: last year.
(btw. Oracle apparently have 14,000 employees, all running Linux on the


Bob Edwards.

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