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> >The merchant normally doesn't find that the credit card is fraudulent
> >until a month or so down the track,
> You mean they don't verify the credit card when the site is 
> registered? At this point, why would all these hosts provide

No, they don't. The bank gives a yes/no answer as to whether the
transaction is valid. If the card has been stolen, but not reported as
so (eg, copied in a restaurant), then the bank doesn't know that its
stolen and approves the transaction. Later, when the person gets their
statement, they see a charge they don't recognise and request a
chargeback from the bank, resulting in the merchant losing the money
(since they don't have a signature).
> bollet proof hosting, if they don't get paid?  If all 
> spammers swindle them, why don't they just close sites when 
> they get spam reports?

This is a circular argument, and not really addressing the issue I have
with your site. I'm also not in a position to comment on other's
business practices, I can only tell you how it is for my own.

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