davidhornby davidhornby at ozemail.com.au
Wed Oct 6 00:11:04 GMT 2004

I'm new to Linux and my interet revolves around creating an E book that 
is a live and thus independent of the user's operating system. I've 
explored using Knoppix (too big), DamnSmallLinux, Featherlinux and Slux.

As it is difficult for me to download because of an old fashioned modem 
dial up connection, to compile (DSL just doesn't compile for me) and 
create from an image file (Feather and Slux) I was hoping there may be 
an outlet in the ACT or Region where I can just buy a live CD and save 
all this hassle.

I know one answer was to strip back Knoppix but looking at how it was 
done for DSL on the internet is way beyond my capabilities. I am trying 
to be independent of Acrobat Distiller (if Acrobat had a Linux distiller 
I would be OK) and MS Reader (which provides a very attactive EBook but 
does not handle interdocument hyperlinks).

I would appreciate any suggestions or help in this matter.


David Hornby

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