[clug] Re: Passwd cgi-bin user interface

John Fletcher fletchweb at internode.net.au
Tue Oct 5 11:16:32 GMT 2004

That's odd, doesn't horde's passwd module do this for you...?


Hi Alex,
I ended up writing my own plugin to Horde. A simple PHP page that you 
could only access after being validated through your horde login.
After filling on the normal, current password and new password fields, 
the page checked your current password again, then wrote your request to 
a mysql database.
A cron job ran every hour which then updated the system password (via a 
  bash script) for any user in the mysql db not flagged as being changed.

Simple and archaic but it works and is still in production use now.

Hope this gives you some more ideas


Michael Manning
Red Hat Certified Engineer

Email: michael at michaelmanning.org
Website: http://michaelmanning.org/

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