[clug] adsl with pppoa and linux

Patrick Cole z at amused.net
Sun Oct 3 02:26:29 GMT 2004

Sun, Oct 03, 2004 at 11:18:34AM +1000, Jim Watson wrote:

> I was able to set up transact with pppoe but moving to a new location i need
> to use adsl with pppoa.
> i have followed the recent threads about broadband and also found some info
> about pppoa but there are a couple of points i am not sure about. maybe
> someone already using this in canberra can confirm if i have understood
> things correctly?
> my current setup with transact pppoe:
> 	line <--> settop box <--> linux pppoe, firewall, LAN
> my proposed adsl with pppoa:
> 	line <--> modem <--> linux firewall, LAN
> Will this work? if there is no client equivalent of pppoe then where will i
> put the account name and password?  If it is configured in the modem, can i
> do this with linux? Or do I need a special type of modem for linux, or need
> use windows?
> I suppose this has been answered already but somehow I cannot see these
> specific points.

You would only need to use ppp over atm if the unit terminating the PPP connection
(modem or linux box) was directly connected to the transact ATM connection.

In your second "proposed" configuration, if the "modem" is a marconi device
performing PPP <-> ATM bridging, then you would be connecting the modem to the
linux box and using PPP over Ethernet, which is just standard pppd.  If the
modem is some other device capable of PPP and routing, then you would be
internally configuring PPP over ATM on that modem to dial your connection and
then generally using it as the gateway for your network.


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