[clug] Query re Transact costs.

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Fri Nov 26 07:51:38 GMT 2004

On 26 Nov 2004, at 18:36, Martin Pool wrote:

> Does ADSL require a line rental payment to Telstra, or is that covered
> by the ADSL monthly fee?

ADSL requires an active copper-to-the-exchange telephone line - it 
doesn't matter which company bills you for rental, they're all Telstra 
owned anyway.

Current rental for said line is $30 to $38/month. Therefore if you're 
at the low end of the market, the $10 plans with TransACT providers are 
cheaper than Telstra's BigPond ADSL. For whatever reason, as you get to 
higher GB limits, ADSL providers get cheaper. However, you then have to 
consider that calls to other TransACT customers are free (and a 
surprisingly large number of the local calls I make are to 6161 xxxx 


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