[clug] LDAP/Samba talk

Nicholas Reese nicholas_ian_reese at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 25 21:48:49 GMT 2004

Hi all,

Due to being based in the Solomon Islands at the moment I was unable to 
attend the last meeting. We have just started the Solomon Islands Linux 
Users Group (SILUG), and there is a strong interest in Samba here (I have a 
Samba server running in the best hotel in town), so I would like to give a 
similar talk at the next SILUG meeting. Would I be able to get some notes 
etc. from the talk? Any CLUG member who would like to come to a SILUG 
meeting please feel free (BYO UPS).


Nick Reese
Solomon Islands Linux Users Group
Honiara, Solomon Islands

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