[clug] Samba/LDAP Talk: Thankyou and Followup

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Thu Nov 25 23:49:34 GMT 2004

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At CLUG last night, I presented a longish talk about Samba + OpenLDAP 
which was almost as tedious and painful as the subject of interest...

Firstly, thankyou to those people who turned up and let me be a bore on 
their time, and to the guy whose name I can't remember who happily 
managed the pizza supply project :)

Thanks especially to Tridge who gave us a quick heads-up on Samba 4 
(which is currently in testing on a very important client's system). 
Tridge also provided me with some valuable feedback during and after 
the talk.

I'll be collating my notes and incorporating as much of the feedback 
(and lessons learned) from last night's meeting as I can, and hopefully 
publishing the results somewhere RSN. I will most likely end up 
providing the CLUG webmaster with:
  * The text files that make my TWiki (stuff from data and pub 
comprising the text that makes the pages, and some attachments that are 
useful to have)
  * A PDF rendition of the whole TWiki (either done by the PdfPlugin or 
by my browser's print to PDF feature)

I expect to have something ready by Wednesday next week. So if you're 
hoping to use these notes for your own project or presentation, you can 
look forward to hearing from me next week.

Just a quick heads-up to those people who pointed out that TWiki has a 
vulnerability in the Search module (execution of arbitrary shell 
commands): check out 
http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/TWikiRelease02Sep2004 (which should 
actually be TWikiRelease20Nov2004, but who's counting ;)  From what 
I've read, the TWiki code was fixed by Peter Theony within days of 
being notified of the exploit - it's a pity that certain "security 
researchers" were trigger happy with the mud slinging gun. A quick grep 
through the latest code for "FIXME" raises a few eyebrows though (even 
though I only have two).

Alex Satrapa

(and thankyou to the resident gannets for letting everyone get a fair 
share of pizza and drink ;)

(and it's interesting to note that approx 1/3 of the laptops present 
bore the glowing Apple logo, and were running their native O/S... 
perhaps we should have a PPC Linux installfest early next year for 
those who get silver metallic christmas presents?)
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