[clug] Linux XML validator

Rob McAuliffe rob1 at mcauliffe.id.au
Fri Nov 19 22:52:37 GMT 2004

Netbeans (netbeans.org) is a java-based IDE that can do XML

If you don't want the rest of it, its so modular you can switch just
about everything off.


(In all fairness, Eclipse (eclipse.org) is the IBM based similar IDE
(Netbeans is Sun based) - I don't know if it does XML validation, but it
may do...)

On Fri, 2004-11-19 at 22:12 +1100, Michael Carden wrote:
> Good evening.
> I'm looking for a Linux based XML validator. I have seen Topologi and XMLspy 
> under windows and XSV under DOS. Ideally I'd like a nice, fluffy, no effort 
> GUI like the first two.
> Even better if it's only an apt-get away...
> Your suggestions welcome, if only to remind me that XML schema are the 
> incarnation of pure evil.
> Ta,
> MC
> -- 
> http://michaelcarden.net
Rob McAuliffe <rob1 at mcauliffe.id.au>

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