[clug] Mirroring boot disk on Debian

Stephen Jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Nov 17 03:00:30 GMT 2004

Anyone done this or can give me pointers??

I've had two goes & am not happy with the result...

Debian (sarge/testing) has install options of LVM or Neil Brown's MDADM
[multi-disk.  Not quite mirroring...]
Debian doesn't support booting from either. [or so it says]

The sarge-installer's version of LVM concatenated the disks, [raid 0], did
not seem to offer me raid 1 :-(

Found a package 'raidtools2' & read the doco - gives two methods of
creating bootable mirrored disk.  Is this "the one true way"??
[apologies in advance, not meant to offend, just my humour]


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