[clug] Anyone got any experience with MSI's MEGA 180?

Grahame Jordan gbj at theforce.com.au
Sun May 30 11:22:13 GMT 2004

Can I tell you of the 400 machines with Asus MB's I purchased for one
organisation that resulted in every board needing replacement within the end
of the first year, and what a painful drawn out process that was.

However when the board was new everyone praised it.

All to do with a faulty dialetric sold to asia in massive quantities which
affected almost every electronic device from asia built in that period.  It
smelt like conspiracy to me.

My MSI at home died the same way.


> Although I have no idea about your particular board, I have one general
> recommendation as a multiple-motherboard-burns victim:
> ***DON'T BUY MSI***
> Not long ago I was building systems with MSI motherboards and the amount
> of pain that junk has gotten me, combined with the amount of pain
> suffered by my customers, caused me to swear never to buy an MSI again,
> not even if a customer insisted on it. Even if they deserve their MSI
> for asking about it, I don't deserve to have to service it, swap power
> supplies, and explain to them why their system sucks. Also the
> northbridge fan is unnecessary and won't survive 6 months.
> Consider yourself warned.
> Have fun,
> Darren
> On Sat, 2004-05-29 at 15:52, Andrew Pollock wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm considering building a MythTV (or similiar Linux based PVR) using an MSI
>> MEGA 180 bare-bones system as the base.
>> http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/slim_pc/slm/pro_slm_detail.php?UID=546
>> Does anyone have any experience with them, good or bad?
>> Particularly trying to determine the chipset of the mini-PCI wireless card
>> and if the optional TV tuner that MSI can provide is supported by V4L.
>> regards
>> Andrew

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