[clug] Perl programming in Japan for a year

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Wed May 26 03:34:14 GMT 2004

Jepri wrote:

>  From me, apparently.  Here's the email in question.  Michael has 
> threatened to sue me if I post this.


Perhaps your evening meditation should be on the rudeness of 
redistributing privtae posts.

> My address for serving is 25 Glossop Cr, Campbell.  Make sure you file 
> against "Jeremy Buchanan Price", because the other two Jeremy Prices in 
> town probably aren't interested.

No I haven't, but feel free to make random assertions. You said that 
there was no expectation of privacy in email sent directly between two 
people, and threatened to post private commuications to all and sundry. 
I at that point suggested that your interpretation of Australian law 
might be erroneous.

> I had a concern with job advertisements not being posted in full for the 
> coummunity to review, especially when they refer to a website such as this:
> http://projectjapan.saturnmedia.net/index.html

I've already explained why I didn't forward the email, but apparently 
you're too busy ranting to read my email before jumping to conclusions. 
For everyone else's benefit, I said something along the lines of:

  - I received private email from a body shop (I get about one a week 
personally addressed), and did not feel comfortable forwarding private 
communications to a list. I was told it was ok to pass it on to specific 
people however.

  - I felt it was too spammy for the list (it's unsolicited, and 
commercial), and that a single post was nicer than an entire thread

  - It gave people an opportunity to express interest without the whole 
world knowing (I know that one is weaker than the other reasons).

> I posted it for people to comment on here:
> http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=356198
> and comment they did.

I am not willing to editorialize about who I help with this sort of 
thing. It's all or nothing in my mind. I guess that makes it nothing...

I made (and make) no representations about the body shop or the people 
in Japan. I know nothing about them, and that was clear from my email. 
You're all big people and can make up your own minds.

> Michael has claimed that these communications are private and that 
> revealing them would be actionable, however the people he is dealing 
> with have publically advertised the job here:
> http://jobs.perl.org/job/1509

I claimed that private email from me is private, and that I didn't want 
to be threatened with it being spread around the world. You leave me in 
a position where I can never say something to you again without knowing 
it will end up in public. I will therefore not be willing to say things 
to you again.

I made no claim as to the privacy of the job post, apart from my general 
rule of private communications remaining so. I have no knowledge of the 
body shop's advertising strategy.

> I also expressed my concern to Michael that his behaviour made it appear 
> that he was endorsing this opportunity.  He made some personal attacks 
> on my character that would most definately be actionable if repeated.

I have already addressed the endoresement point.

Jeremy claimed that I was not community minded in forwarding my personal 
mail to the mailing list. I pointed out that I feel I have contributed a 
fair bit to the community over the years, and that Google is a good 
judge of ultimate character.

I'll let the community decide that point for themselves.

This thread is now childish, and highlights that I don't have enough 
time in my life at the moment to deal with the level of work generated 
by trying to help people. I will therefore simply bow out at this point. 
I have much more interesting things to do with my time.



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