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Stephen Jenkin sjenkin at
Wed May 26 05:44:42 GMT 2004

On Wed, 26 May 2004, Michael Still wrote:

> Jepri wrote:
> [snip]
> Perhaps your evening meditation should be on the rudeness of 
> redistributing privtae posts.

Not just rude, but breaches the Telecommunicaitons Act.
Once an e-mail/document travels over a Telco's wires, the Act comes into
play. This means you have to be very careful as a SysAdmin if you record
email.  It is technically the same as a phone tap and ONLY 'authorised'
people have that right.

Relaying private e-mail without permission is the _same_ as recording a
personal telephone conversation (not now a crime, was once) and replaying
that to third parties.  Remember the lady who recorded Monica Lewinski's
calls?  She got pinged on this.  Possible jail time and its a _criminal_
matter, not civil.  Criminal records are not compatible with good career

BTW:  I love the content on this list and the general standard of
behaviour is very good.  Thanks to the efforts of the various list admins
who keep the SPAM quotient so very low.  There is also a sense of
irreverance alongside real helpfulness and intense passions on various
issues.  Little slips like this only serve to highlight just how good it
is normally.


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