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Allan Fox ajfox at uwo.ca
Tue May 25 01:04:41 GMT 2004

Dear Internet Zahav:

On April 8, I arranged a one month dial-in account for the 2 weeks that 
I would be in Israel (Apr 18 - May 1). I gave you my credit card and 
passport information (as well as address) to effect the account. The 
connection worked well, and I used it a lot during my stay. I had 
responsibility only to pay for 1 month.

I am still waiting for a final statement of what you have billed to my 
credit card. I also am waiting for confirmation that the account is not 
charged after 2 month. I am a physician who volunteers to practice in 
my specialty at Rambam in Haifa. This is a program to have a large 
group of foreign physicians who will come once or twice a year as 
volunteers, and will be ready anytime, in case of war, to come quickly 
and join the civilian hospital team. I will be back in October.

Username ajfox at zahav.net.il

Password: y3sy7

Address where I stayed: Abbe Hillel Silver St 107, #27-floor 5
Izraelia, Haifa
tel (04) 8229803

Please respond.


Allan J Fox
1607-61 St Clair West
Toronto, Ontario M4V 2Y8
Telephones: 	office               416-480-4371
			secretary       416-480-4372
			pager:	       416-517-2149
			fax		       416-480-5218
			home:	       416-925-5490
			cell		       416-565-5490
			suanne's cell 416-728-9124
e-mail:     ajfox at uwo.ca        allan.fox at sw.ca

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