[clug] Fixed IP ISP

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Thu May 13 07:35:34 GMT 2004

Finally I remember to reply to the list, not to the poster...

At 05:22 PM 13/05/2004 +1000, Martin Pool wrote:
>On 13 May 2004, Steve Walsh <steve at nerdvana.org.au> wrote:
> > Erm, I may have to hold you up on part of that. One problem with using a
> > DHCP address for SMTP is if the destination server is using the SORBS (or
> > any DNSBL) to limit spam. As the address is part of the registered IP DHCP
> > space, the DNSBL part declines the connection.
> >
> > Drove me mad trying to find out why I wasn't getting emails from a friend
> > through to my work email until I checked the log. Lo and behold, 
> > was rejecting the mail, as they are on a ADSL service with a Dynamic 
> DNS for
> > their domain.
> >
> > As a simple solution, Dynamic DNS tools are great, but for hosting your own
> > server, they do have drawbacks.
>Right, but even if you get a static IP option, you may still be listed
>in some of these RBLs which cover consumer/dialup blocks.

But surely you can get your mailserver to hand all mail to your ISP's mail 
server (which they provide for you as a customer) and that is a legitimate 
mailserver for the rest of the world?

>I don't think home machines are the right place for running highly
>available servers, and for casual servers dyndns is often fine.  I
>think the space were you can tolerate ADSL dropouts but you can't
>tolerate DNS propagation delay is pretty small.  But that's just my

Very true.  And given the relative cheapness of web hosting sites available 
with all mod cons, and the danger of putting an easily compromiseable 
machine on the internet because of some oversight, not worth it 
IMNSHO.  (Says he using DDNS and a SmoothWall firewall...)

Have fun,


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