[clug] [WANTED] ADSL modems

Brett Worth brett at worth.id.au
Tue May 11 06:34:25 GMT 2004

On Tue, 11 May 2004, Martin Pool wrote:

> > We might be going gas/phone/internet.
> If I remember correctly, the bundling package requires you to sign up
> for all three/four services for a two year, with a pretty steep escape
> payment.  So you have to ask yourself (punk :-), do you feel sure that
> Transact, ACTEW electricity, etc will continue to be a good deal for
> the next two years?  Personally I am not so sure.

I have that bundle and now I sort of wish I didn't.  The video streaming is
nice but there are now probably better ways to achieve the same
functionality. e.g.  

	Digital set-top-box to replace TransTV.
	iinet bliink 1.5Mbit 15GB/15GB ADSL plan for $100
	Telstra telephone.

I'd do this except for the exit fine on the bundle.  It makes my
256Kbit 1.5GB/unlimited Transact/ACTEWAGL access look sick.  For the price
of a phone I'd get 6x bandwidth and 10x peak download.  Of course I'd then
have to deal with iinet's (non existant) support.


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