[clug] that darn streaming TransACT

Tony and Robyn Lewis beakysnugger at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 10 13:51:02 GMT 2004

I finally got round to trying to stream TransACT , as was discussed a
few months ago, but it's not going so well.  Prime your clue bats.

I have an i3, and the Marconi modem, and my Linux box connects through
PPPoE (obviously).  I even remembered to turn the i3 on.

I add routes:
	$ sudo route add -net dev ppp0
And I start vlc:
	$ vlc udp:@
The client starts and I see nothing.  So I use tethereal.  When I start
vlc, I get a packet, and that's it:
	$ sudo tethereal -i ppp0 net
	Capturing on ppp0
	  0.000000 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ->   IGMP V3 Membership Report

Some tethereal output again with '-V':
	    Source: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)
	    Destination: (
	    Options: (4 bytes)
	        Router Alert: Every router examines packet
	Internet Group Management Protocol
	    IGMP Version: 3
	    Type: Membership Report (0x22)
	    Header checksum: 0xea33 (correct)
	    Num Group Records: 1
	    Group Record :  Change To Exclude Mode
	        Record Type: Change To Exclude Mode (4)
	        Aux Data Len: 0
	        Num Src: 0
	        Multicast Address: (

I get similar results using xine.

So it looks like it's trying to exclude the multicast channel I want, I
think, from the list of channels I *don't* want??  So it should start
streaming that data to me??

And that's where I fall apart.  Nothing else happens.

Help appreciated,


Tony Lewis

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