[clug] Copy Controlled CDs

James McNeill j at jamesm.id.au
Fri Mar 26 05:29:14 GMT 2004

so just buy the LP. Now, I'd like to see them copyprotect *that*!



Michael James wrote:

> On Friday 26 March 2004 13:41, Tim Potter wrote:
>>>Met my first Copy Controlled CD today,
>>> Paul Kelly, "Ways and Means".
>>Oh, I was thinking of buying that.  Now I don't think I'll bother.
> Amonst all the anger that's out there over "Copy control"
>  the best response I've seen is to NOT buy and write politely to the artist.
> Probably more effective than writing to the company
>  and much better than making a scene in a store.
> mj
> PS: st is San Tome,  see :	  http://www.nic.st

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