[clug]: Kernel panic.

Kumar Jadav u2519015 at anu.edu.au
Wed Mar 17 01:32:53 GMT 2004

Hello Cluggers,

Last night I installed Debian Woody 3.0 r 2 on my Sony Vaio (PCG FX 390K)
laptop. Installation went on perfectly with the bf24 option, and there was
no problem at all, except when I rebotted my laptop.

 Stack ...
 Call Trace

 Code 0F BZ 42 02 F6...

 <0> Kernel panic: Aiee, Killing interrupt handler!
 In Interrupt handler - not syncing.

At this point my laptop simply freezes up, and I'm not able to do
anything. I googled a lot last night, and it says that there is some
problem with    /proc, but it just didn't made any sense to me!

Thanks for any leads.


ps - Thank you all very much for helping me with my Motherboard problem.
There was one capacitor on the M/B that was busted and causing a lot of
chaos, to which I just got a new motherboard - and things are working just
fine now.  Thanks, once again! :-)

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