[clug] Advice needed: monitoring my ISP's speed

Simon Cousins simon at simoncousins.com
Mon Mar 1 04:43:15 GMT 2004

> You could try smokeping, YA fine Toby Oetiker tool.
> http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/smokeping/
> It will give you latency and packet loss measurements.

Thanks Daniel, will do.
> > Any suggestions gratefully received.  I need hard evidence to force the
> > landlord to take my complaints seriously (building complex Zope portals
> > ain't much fun behind 4Kb/sec...)
> I'm guessing latency and packet loss are what's hurting you,
> as 4K(reliable,lowlatency) is heaps for a shell connection.

Right, during the worst times, I see 70-100% packet loss to my datacenter.
Uploads die, Webmin is unusable, POP3 is hell.


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