Lisman, Jarrad FLGOFF Jarrad.Lisman at defence.gov.au
Mon Jun 28 01:08:18 GMT 2004

Ok, have looked all over google and there have been very few cases of this
and no real solutions. Does anyone have anyidea why this is happening?


E [28/Jun/2004:16:43:02 +0200] get_printer_attrs: resource name
'/printers/::{2227a280-3aea-1069-a2de-08002b30309d}' no good!

and /var/log/samba/log.xxxxxxxx

  blahws (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) couldn't find service

Now I know that the SID is the Windows printer SID but why is Samba
requesting that off of CUPS....
This was working but I chnaged something somewhere and have absolutely no
idea what it was and why it has killed it.
These messages result in no printers being shared out at all through smb

Any ideas would be much appreciated



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